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Acidanthera Gladiolus Murielae

Acidanthera Gladiolus Murielae

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Bulbs per unit: 25
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This lovely scented member of the Gladiolus family, also known as Acidanthera Murielae, is a great staple flower for your garden beds or patio pots. It's also ideal as a cut flower as it lasts so long in a vase. Acidanthera Gladiolus Callianthus is also known as the Sword Lily. 

Flower Bulbs
Bulb Size 6/8
Planting Distance 2''
Planting Depth 2''
Height 30''
Hardiness Zone 7-10
Climate Zone 3-10
Blooming Time Jul-Sep
Minimum for effect 4-10
Sun Partly Sun
Deer Resistance Yes
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