Agapanthus or Lily-Of-The-Nile

Agapanthus or Lily-Of-The-Nile

This evergreen Agapanthus may be planted in the ground in the winter climates of USDA Zones 5-10, but by covering with 2" of mulch you can add one more hardiness zone for Winter.  Just remember to remove the mulch in the Spring!

This is a perennial that grows from a fleshy-rooted rhizome. For container plants, plant rhizome 1/2" below soil surface, keep soils consistently moist and provide moderate fertilization during the growing season (spring and summer). Plants bloom best when roots are pot-bound. Site containers in locations with afternoon shade. In fall, prior to the first frost, remove containers to a bright, frost-free location for overwintering.

Provide very limited water in winter (just enough to keep leaves from drying/wilting).

Return containers outdoors in spring.


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